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have one's name listed as a candidate for several parties


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Bucknell University, (113) in which a female student filed a Title IX claim seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent Bucknell University from holding a hearing after the accused student in her assault cross-filed a sexual assault claim with the university." (114) Despite local police and prosecutors declining to file charges against Stefanowicz, the university was bound to investigate the accused student's cross-filed allegation.
The completed forms are filed by patient name, and cross-filed by case description and major key words.
"Will" Smith, D-Montgomery, and cross-filed as House Bill 1361 by Del.
Those titles that are abstract only and were part of the database before that date are cross-filed in the Abstracts file and are part of the source material for other files.
I part, the release stated that "the 25 libraries on the Lexis service covering a specific area of law are now cross-filed with relevant full-text publications, including many from the Nexis service...Research in a particular area of law can be conducted within one library on the Lexis service, as well as by moving between the Lexis and Nexis services...." And, "As always, the search logic is identical for researching full-text materials from either the Lexis or Nexis service."
The bill has been cross-filed in the House of Delegates.
The legislation has been cross-filed in the House of Delegates.
Cross-filed House Bill 782 is scheduled to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on March 5.
Mosby testified before House and Senate committees this week in support of cross-filed bills that would allow prosecutors to move to vacate convictions under certain circumstances.
The Senate bill was cross-filed with House Bill 17, sponsored by Del.
After the Senate's 45-0 vote, attention shifted to the House of Delegates, where the Judiciary Committee heard testimony Thursday afternoon on cross-filed legislation to outlaw a one-time online bullying incident conducted with the perpetrator's knowledge that his or her single post would probably be liked, shared or otherwise reposted multiple times.
The survey provision was originally written as a reporting requirement in the original bill cross-filed in both chambers.
Cross-filed bills to eliminate exceptions allowing minors as young as 15 to marry emerged with different amendments from the House of Delegates and Senate, and a conference committee could not reconcile the two versions.
Both chambers of the Maryland General Assembly have passed legislation eliminating exceptions to state law allowing 15-year-olds to marry, but differences overwhether the new minimum age should be 16 or 17mean the cross-filed bills are likely headed for a conference committee.
The cross-filed House Bill 500 faced opposition at its hearing, with delegates concerned about establishing a crime so soon after a 2016 billthat allowed for the possible termination of a professional license held by the reporter for failing to disclose possible abuse.