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Synonyms for cross-fertilization

fertilization by the union of male and female gametes from different individual of the same species

interchange between different cultures or different ways of thinking that is mutually productive and beneficial

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Multidisciplinary team efforts can accelerate research progress in areas particularly suited to this approach by cross-fertilization of ideas, hasten the transition of basic research findings to practical applications, and can help to train students in science and/or engineering in areas of importance to the Defense Department.
And a lot of the questions that we have now, that we really need answers to, require cross-fertilization and better collaboration between groups from different disciplines.
32] has a serious error referring to the cross-fertilization of coffee with peanut, soybean and other pollen and the implied potential for undetectable allergenic or toxic problems.
This will be followed by a conference in Austria at which Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel will discuss the question, and a decision will then be taken on whether more needs to be done to guard against the possible cross-fertilization of GM and non-GM crops.
This unique gathering is important for the networking and for the cross-fertilization that occurs when so many disciplines bring their insights and concerns to the discussion," said Spencer Boudreau of McGill University.
This growing interdependence between and cross-fertilization of the jurisprudence of the treaty bodies, regional human rights bodies and national courts in the interpretation of human rights-related issues can only yield benefits to all," she said.
Cross-fertilization with the Hudson Valley's thriving biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries is another bonus for locating microelectronics firms in the region.
The cross-fertilization of ideas from both electrochemical and thermal oxidation work certainly benefited both areas of research and established for Morris Cohen and his laboratory a dominant international reputation in both fields.
2001) reported that cross-fertilization in maize could occur at a maximum distance of 200 m from the source.
This strategy is expected to foster more cross-fertilization of ideas between the multiple industries served.
Any time you bring in people from different departments, you have a chance to see a cross-fertilization of ideas,'' Kyser said.
Generally speaking, the exhibition catalogue proposes the following three theses: (1) A decisive change in the look and content of fashion and style photography occurred in the 1990s, (2) during this period art and fashion photography increasingly suggested narratives of greater or lesser ambiguity, alluded to various film genres and even documentary photography, and evoked "personal" or "lifestyle" projects a la Nan Goldin from the art side and Davide Sorrenti from the fashion side, and (3) this cross-fertilization between artistic and commercial photography affirms the vitality and creativity of both practices (museological discourse is nothing if not euphoric).
Although Herbert's IR department reports to the CFO and the corporate communication department reports to the vice president of human resources, she says Beckman Coulter works hard to ensure consistent messaging and cross-fertilization.
The original colloquium clearly demonstrated the possibility for cross-fertilization among disciplines, and it afforded proof of future roads to be taken.