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Synonyms for cross-fertilization

fertilization by the union of male and female gametes from different individual of the same species

interchange between different cultures or different ways of thinking that is mutually productive and beneficial

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In sum, the book is another illustration of social, cultural, and economic cross-fertilizations developed by migrant populations, far removed from the classic integration paradigm.
An interesting example of exegetical cross-fertilization in modern Judaism is the writings of R.
The emphasis will be on accessibility, cross-fertilization, and "serious play.
In his introduction, Bodek promises to demonstrate that in Weimar Berlin there occurred a cross-fertilization of high culture, left-wing cultural production, politics, and everyday life.
It is considered an important and fruitful source for cross-fertilization between these fields.
That is why it is essential to support studies across the research spectrum and to encourage cross-fertilization of experts from many disciplines.
The net effect, say the researchers, is that the fungus shifts the plant's mating system, inflating the role of cross-fertilization.
This book presents a very fine collection of plays, and one that could be used in the study of the cross-fertilization of African-inspired styles.
Borrowed tools and methods stimulate cross-fertilization.
Unique in its breadth of coverage, it provides a forum for interaction and the cross-fertilization of ideas.
The aim of the conference, McKechnie says, is "the cross-fertilization of ideas by people who may not have the resources or the time to attend the national conference.
The rapid absorption of such people during World War 11 showed that both the military and the society benefited from the cross-fertilization.
As a result, more revolutionary, holistic approaches allowing for greater efficiencies and cross-fertilization of latency reduction skill sets are now emerging.
during times of acute pressure, that their implementation happens through cross-fertilization, and that this results in executive ombudsmen.
We need this cross-fertilization of ideas, as parishes can become isolated and sharply cut off from each other.