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Synonyms for cross-fertilize

undergo cross-fertilization

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cause to undergo cross-fertilization

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Sometimes, it's the gap between disciplines that has the most potential, therefore cross-fertilising ideas across teams is creating great ideas for us to take forward to better serve our one obsession, our clients resilience"
Summary: Amir Sadiq Al Habib, Senior Relationship Manager, Private Banking & Wealth Management, Ahlibank proved his mettle in connecting people and cross-fertilising ideas to generate insightful strategies and policy initiatives
"Combining and cross-fertilising Prizeotel's market and brand knowledge with Rezidor's international expertise will unlock value for both organisations.
Sport in Great Britain has come so far in recent years with the developments in sports science, strength and conditioning and the realisation of cross-fertilising the skills and knowledge of other sports in achieving excellence.
"Because we're cross-fertilising here some meetings will be better for racegoers than others and some better for betting than others."
Over generations of selective breeding and cross-fertilising, hybrid plants can be tailored to have almost any set of characteristics.
Based in Chile, Supersudaka is a light-on-its-feet, cross-fertilising collective of architects and designers with a fluctuating organisational structure.