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Synonyms for cross-dresser

someone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex

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You should also log on to They are a long-established and reputable organisation which helps and advises cross-dressers. Good luck.
Mr Everett said Williams admitted he had been a cross-dresser since he was young and wore women's clothes while driving.
Normal is a quick and engaging read, comprised of three distinct essays on the topics of female-to-male transsexuals, heterosexual male cross-dressers, and intersexed people.
But he's a cross-dresser who turns up at the ceremony as a glamorous-looking guest.
Mr Dent told the tribunal it was not true Mr Jensen-Read had been ridiculed but had even thanked management for the manner in which it had dealt with his "coming out" as a cross-dresser.
"Dress Codes" consisted of visual art, video, film, performance and educational programs (which included makeup seminars for male cross-dressers and an all day "Drag King" workshop for female-to-male cross-dressers led by performance artist Dianne Torr), a cross-dressing reading room, and three Saturday evenings of "Fear and Clothing" theater.
What was the name of the GI cross-dresser played by Jamie Farr in the TV comedy series M*A*S*H?
A CROSS-DRESSER who brought traffic to a standstill was arrested as he drove his car through Manama wearing women's clothes.
Marriage to a cross-dresser can work perfectly well
Cross-dresser Shahbaz, 37, walked out after threatening to kill himself on TV.
And the cross-dresser admitted he was humiliated when Jordan told the nation about his female alter ego Roxanne.
I can only conclude he was also a cross-dresser. I couldn't stand him.
Cross-dresser Pete, 24, was curled up in a ball with 20-year-old Grace.
Ricklefs and fellow hotline volunteer Deborah Carroll recount other calls they've received: A very religious woman in the rural Midwest who, after being read a list of the gay and gay-friendly churches in Chicago, said, "That does it, I'm moving there"; a cross-dresser who was reassured to learn that many others shared his practice; a lesbian in despair over her partner leaving her--and whose mother eventually came in on the call.