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classification according to more than one attribute at the same time

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Table 5 reports the cross-classification of these variables for the item describing online learning as not being and easy out.
The cross-classification analysis (Table 3) revealed no major misclassification for any of the nutrients studied.
For researchers interested in dividing existing expenditures into mutually exclusive categories of conditions, we recommend reporting the upper and lower bounds for the AF for each condition described above as well as our complete cross-classification weighting scheme.
A simplified cross-classification map (see Figure 7) represents persistence in land-cover categories, areas where no change occurred, and land-cover change, areas with any type of transitions between categories (depicted in black).
The moisture and temperature zone maps were combined by the cross-classification module in IDRISI for Windows Ver.
In his discussion of this approach he sets out a cross-classification of industrial relations actors that is capable of generating "practically every issue of interest to industrial relations" (p.
Because preliminary data for 1996 were not available for race/ethnicity cross-classification, the most recent data for non-Hispanic white females were for 1995.
The poverty incidence differentiated according to household characteristics is further analysed by means of cross-classification and logit analysis in Section V.
These were combined with a revised version of the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (NOICC) cross-classification between the secondary vocational service areas and the census occupations and industries, as described above.
However, this approach is very, unwieldy for contingency, tables formed by the cross-classification of a large number of explanatory variables as cell counts tend to be very small.
Measures of Association for Cross-Classification, Part IV.
Looking over my data and constructing the cross-classification tables in Figures I and II, I was struck by the apparent discrepancy between some certificate and associate program admission requirements.