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When the new system is introduced in Dewsbury, each registration will be cross-checked which will make fraud more difficult and risky.
They cross-checked chemicals identified on each of the manufacturers' water-discharge permits with data from federal watermonitoring surveys and federally mandated annual inventories of toxic releases by the companies.
All data is cross-checked for plausibility, evaluated by means of additional information sources and then openly displayed in the table section.
1 that Suter (then a Chicago Blackhawk) cross-checked Kariya, who was sidelined the rest of the year with post-concussion syndrome.
The cause of each death was cross-checked in extensive discussions with Gebusi informants, including relatives, friends and acquaintances of the deceased person.
All research results are assessed and cross-checked thoroughly to determine their validity, relevance, and weight.
All data are cross-checked for plausibility and evaluated by means of additional sources of information.
Trouble flared during the clash when Derek Campbell cross-checked Voth into the posts - and goalie Peter Hirsch.
He'd yelled, he said, at a Senators player who had cross-checked him to the ice.
Later in the period, Jason Marshall gave the Oilers yet another chance when he cross-checked Kovalenko, but Edmonton was unable to take advantage.
Defenseman Gary Suter, then with the Chicago Blackhawks, cross-checked Kariya in the jaw after the league's preeminent left winger had scored.
Information learned from each company was cross-checked with information from other sources.