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either of two fine mutually perpendicular lines that cross in the focus plane of an optical instrument and are use for sighting or calibration

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The objective of this study was to refine the traditional freehand cross wire phantom calibration method by modifying the mathematical formulation of the calibration problem to eliminate the need of imaging the intersecting point at different viewing angles and developing an actuator-assisted approach to facilitate quick and consistent collection of intersecting points spanning the entire image FOV.
In this study, actuator-assisted calibration was implemented on three point-based phantoms: (1) single cross wire phantom, (2) original collinear point target phantom, and (3) modified collinear point target phantom.
To better understand the potential benefits of actuator-based calibration, the ultrasound probe was also calibrated with the same cross wire phantom but using a traditional freehand cross wire phantom calibration approach [12].
The OnTrac Standard Tray, which uses round cross wires, will
Cross wire feeder of this BRC wire welder owns an automatic sole cross wire loading carriage of which its speed can be up to 80 pcs per minute (for O6-7mm wires).
The output device, equipped with servo motor and clamping arms, hooks the mesh panel on the first cross wire through a number of clamping arms.
This Fault Examination contains wires supply, non-wires, fault of line wires discharging, fault of cross wires ejecting, line wire forwarding, short of welding power, overloaded of servo motor, fault positioning, fault of air compressor, over-high temperature.
Previously, self-cleaning screen media was mostly available through European manufacturers, resulting in long lead times and high costs for North American screening operations, lean Leblond, president and CEO of Major Wire, solved this problem when he began locally manufacturing tensioned self-cleaning screen media produced without cross wires that lasts up to three times longer than traditional woven wire, the company said.
This wire stand is 10”x30” and has two cross wires that are welded to the upright posts, thus making the stand look like an “H” with an extra cross bar.
And that game old bird Audrey doesn't look too bad, either, as Marcia - aka her boyfriend Marc - takes her to the Cross Wires charity where he's speaking on Friday.
better cheered, cross wires with words and make them weird: Pessary,
This fence is six-foot "dog and orchard" fence that has cross wires at the bottom very close together for the first foot to keep out small animals, and then they progressively widen out on the top.
Almost one in four employees in Wales has suffered cross wires with colleagues or clients because their e-mail humour has been misinterpreted.
They don't watch because they can see the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management cross wires. They watch because they can see young people who struggle with moral dilemmas, move quickly, and make everything from the Census to potential war, seem interesting.
I put the cross wires on the carrier's island and called: "Mark, bearing.'