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a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis

a sample meant to be representative of a whole population

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(physics) the probability that a particular interaction (as capture or ionization) will take place between particles

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For validation purposes, the model is initially being used to predict the pressure profile through the cross section of the tire under static, non-oxidative conditions to detemiine equilibrium breaker and carcass pressure.
The process of spreading powder and printing is repeated for each cross section of the object, until the entire geometry has been constructed.
The intensity of x rays emitted when an electron beam strikes a sample depends on the energy distribution of the electrons in the solid, the energy variation of the ionization cross section of the relevant subshell, the fraction of ionization events that give x rays in the line of interest and the absorption coefficient of the x rays on the path to the detector.
To have a mathematical relation for temperature drop in terms of depth of cross section, a linear equation or more accurately a fourth-degree polynomial is the most suitable choice after testing different curve fittings.
Three recharge zones have also been identified on the cross sections A, E and G which are in accordance with the field observations.
In the present work, we carried out theoretical calculations of recommended cross section for 90,96[Z.
Designed for geoscientists and engineers, Strater converts geotechnical, geophysical, environmental, mining, and mud/gas data from a wide variety of file formats into 15 different log types, borehole models, and cross section views.
Upon calculating the subbase thickness for water storage and anticipated traffic loads, it automatically selects the thicker of two subbase thickness solutions and presents the PICP cross section as a CAD drawing.
Five tenders for the Supply of (a) XLPE insulated and reinforced aluminum cables of 3 x 400 mm2 cross section, 12/ 20 kV, (b) similar cables but of 3 x 300 mm2 cross section, 12/ 20 kV, (c) similar cables but of 3 x 300 mm2 cross section, 18/ 30 kV, (d) similar cables but of 3 x 240 mm2 cross section, 18/ 30 kV & (e) similar cables but of 3 x 240 mm2 cross section, 12/ 20 kV.
Washington, June 18 ( ANI ): Researchers built an ultra-high vacuum system that simulates conditions in space, then performed the first-ever reported measurement of the water photodesorption cross section from an actual lunar sample.
Flood capacity can be increased by enlarging the cross section and straightening the alignment, smoothing the banks to reduce the value of Manning's coefficient (n), and through the use of levees.
This method is capable of not only dynamic visualization of resins but also static visualization by observation of the sample cross section in which colored resins switched at multilayers at the gate spread into different layers inside the sample and freeze.
However, chip arrangement studies have not considered the cross section of the chip.
2 : a view showing what the inside of something looks like after a cut has been made through it <a cross section of a ship>