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ready susceptibility to chemical change

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IgG-ELISA showing immuno-reactivity (a) and cross reactivity (b) of the goat sera with recombinant antigen EgAgB8/1 (Hd-Hydatid positive sera, N-Healthy goat sera (Negative control), GIN--Gastro intestinal nematodes, Tn-Taenia hydatigena positive sera)
Percent cross-reactivity with 24, 25 (0H)2 Vitamin [D.sup.2] METHOD % Cross reactivity with 24, 25 (0H)2 Vitamin D ID-LC-MS/MS 1.4 Immunoassay-1 547.9 Immunoassay-2 313.9 Immunoassay-3 371.5 Immunoassay-4 99.3 Immunoassay-5 186.8
According to Thermo Fisher, the highly specific viral antigen used in the assays virtually eliminates cross reactivity with other flavivirus antibodies that are known to interact with the Zika virus, enabling reliable differentiation from viruses such as dengue fever.
The cross reactivity of mAbs with raw poultry can be readily eliminated by simply heating the samples prior to analysis to avoid false positive results.
To assess cross reactivity with other hemoparasites and recognition of other T vivax isolates, sera from sheep naturally and experimentally infected with T vivax, hemoparasites-negative cattle, cattle experimentally infected with Babesia bigemina and a horse (Equus caballus) naturally infected with T.
(8) demonstrated a cross reactivity between AAV patient autoantibodies and the bacterial adhesive protein, FimH.
We also tested the cross reactivity of the reagents with serum specimens from rabbits immunized with Histoplasma capsulatum.
To study the effect of increasing temperature on the cross reactivity, the sheet was incubated with a pool of six mucocutaneous Leishmanisis patients' sera and membrane with AgA (3X) strips were incubated with a pool of Chagas patients' sera, with low, medium or high titer to T cruzi.