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a vector that is the product of two other vectors

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His paper entitled, "Cross Product Subsidization in the Health Insurance Market with Managed Care: A Model and Issues," appeared in the June 1999 issue of the AEJ.
Separately VeriSign and Network Associates have entered into a partnership to enable cross product supportand promotion of each others digital certificate-based security solutions.
OPICS also delivers straight through processing, cash management, analytics, customer credit, confirmation matching, cross product netting and continuous linked settlement processing.
Abstract A new method of construction for right C-rpp semigroups is given by using a right cross product of a right regular band and a strong semilattice of left cancellative monoids.
which defines an algebra structure on B [[cross product].sup.R] H = B [??] H; moreover, this is a Hopf algebra, called the double cross product, where H and B are canonically Hopf subalgebras [36].
Since the cross product induces the identity on E* (Z)/IE* (Z) via the isomorphisms (3.5) and (3.6) we get the isomorphism in (b).
The commission plans to complete 46 legislative programs in 2017, covering risk management on bankruptcy and liquidity of commercial banks as well as on cross products services.
The creation of automated underwriting rules for cross products like group health and workers' compensation insurance also has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of the distribution of financial services by or through banks, professional employment organizations, insurers and reinsurers alike.