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a Latin cross set on three steps

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17, 2007, invocation, Hutchens referred to himself as a "minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ" and lauded the New Testament and "the cross of Calvary." For good measure, he concluded the prayer in the name of "your son, Jesus Christ."
He writes from his own experiences and the experiences of others to illustrate the underlying foundation of the Christian faith as the undeserved, limitless miracle of God's love demonstrated on the Cross of Calvary. He shows how this love produces joy in times of difficulty, affliction, and frustration.
2.7c(i) leading them to a personal encounter with the Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ, through repentance and faith in the vicarious sacrifice he procured on the cross of Calvary with his blood.
Indeed, our only hope for moving on together as partners in the cause of the gospel is to bow together at the cross of Calvary, acknowledging to each other and to our Lord that we all need to plead for mercy to the One who is, in the Heidelberg Catechism's wonderful words, our "only comfort in life and in death," and who "at the cost of his own blood ...
'There is a need for us to emulate Christ Jesus who laid down his life on the cross of Calvary to bring redemption.
As we follow Jesus, we shall discover the cross of Calvary at every street corner, and evidence of the emptied tomb in every home.
I'm excited to see our children come to the cross of Calvary. LOVE U ALL!" Marla S
This tree was the Cross of Calvary, which inspired medieval lyric writers.
If, in the context of another religion, people conclude they are morally corrupt and in need of mercy, they have effectively accepted the cross of Calvary, even if they have never heard of it.
As mentioned earlier, these things didn't happen by chance, somewhere and somehow the price was paid just like Jesus Christ paid the price for us sinners on the cross of Calvary.
Let us start in the most unpromising place, at the Cross of Calvary. "Jesus remember me when you come in your kingly power"(Luke 23.42).
The tree for medieval writers was the Cross of Calvary.
That final deed, that overwhelming argument, was the Cross of Calvary.
Now the Cross of Calvary is God's verdict over that global scene.