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a horizontal beam that extends across something

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Foreign material that can corrode or abrade the inside of the cross members causing premature failure can be flushed out via cross beam inspection ports.
It can be found from the moment time-history results of main pylon elements in different positions that the elements failure occurs in the bottom position of the main pylons, in the lower cross beam position of the main pylons and in the upper cross beam position of the main pylons.
With the cross beam and attachment equipment, the crane hoisted a total of 402 tonnes - all in tight, wintery conditions.
a) in terms of cross beams to truss flange connection: case a1) "strong" connection in horizontal plane cross beam web and flanges are connected or only cross beam web is connected and there is a stiffener (i.e.
The deformation analysis was performed with the cross-beam stroke at several positions of the working area in order to evaluate the path of the cross beam in Z direction; the first simulation was performed at minimum stroke, the second simulation at a distance of 200mm, the third one at 500mm and last at maximum stroke of 700mm.
As well as meeting the required mechanical performance but at a lighter weight, the cross beam meets the high temperature requirements that result from the proximity to the exhaust system.
Combining a horizontal sample mount with Cross Beam Optic (CBO) technology and equipped with advanced Guidance software, the system offers the full range of X-ray diffraction measurements in one fully automated instrument.
Square section support columns incorporate a triangular section cross beam that transmits force down into the column and into the machine bed to deliver power.
In the "Shade for Your Deck" story (March '03), the length of the cross beam D1 on p.
Prosecutor Richard Matthews QC told jurors: "An employee of NEMOC was operating a large crane and was in the process of lowering the cross beam that had been unbolted when it appears the plate girders became unstable.
This sling can be adjusted for several different lift capabilities by sliding the cross beam up of down and locking it into the correct setting.
Nail the three ridge posts to three 2x6 cross beam members (Photo 1).
A new directive applicable to all Boeing model 737-100, -200, -200C, -300, -400, and -500 series aircraft requires repetitive inspections to detect cracking of the lower corners of the door frame and cross beam of the forward cargo door, along with corrective actions where necessary.