croquet mallet

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a mallet used to strike the ball in croquet

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And, at the other end of the clock, been obedient fellow many years' there was Aunty Gwladys, who had never swung a croquet mallet before her 77th birthday.
The archaeologists also found remains of two wooden clubs, one the shape of a baseball bat and made of ash, the second the shape of a croquet mallet and made of sloe wood.
The Science Secret: A moving object, like a croquet mallet, has something scientists call MOMENTUM, which has to do with how heavy it is and how fast it is moving.
The collection includes the lethallooking "mallet head putter", which is shaped like a croquet mallet.
He seemed to try everything except the croquet mallet.
Prescott will hope the move deflects criticism that began with the revelations of his affair with diary secretary Tracey Temple and peaked with the photos of him holding a croquet mallet in the sun when he was running the country.
Mind you I never thought I'd see John Prescott wielding a croquet mallet, so maybe Owen will last every game at the World Cup and score the winning goal in the final against Angola.
He is the mess hidden in the garage--the wooden tennis racket, the rusted lawn chair, the mateless croquet mallet, the empty aquarium, the red plastic jug filled with spare gasoline."
The Mad Hatter is making the rules, the Queen of Hearts keeps pounding on education with a croquet mallet, and the hurrieder we go, the behinder we get.
But every croquet player has their own genuine, tight-grained, hardwood-headed croquet mallet.
The Flamingo, the bird Alice uses for a croquet mallet in the game with the Queen.
You might even feel the urge to pick up a croquet mallet, play disc golf, take a dip in the indoor pool or play lord and lady of the manor with afternoon tea in Hamilton's Tea Room.
By doing so, he's killing off a dynamic genre of fiction - and his weapon of choice is the croquet mallet.
It's not, as has been suggested, a typically - British reaction based on snobbery because his family are in the legal profession (after all my brother Donal is a barrister and I could beat him at tennis using a croquet mallet) but because, sadly, it's true.
The difference is, apart from the obvious yawning gulf in ability that marks Prescott down as a political pigmy in comparison to his much more illustrious predecessor, Bevan would not have been seen dead with a croquet mallet in his hands.