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small farmers and tenants

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Richard Phillips, of promoter Leamington Music, says: "It's entirely appropriate that Peter Cropper, whose brilliant concept of Music in the Round has brought so many wonderful concerts to Warwick over the years, should launch the 2014 series.
Hayley, married to Roy Cropper, had pancreatic cancer.
Vp added that Mr Cropper will join its Groundforce division thus complementing the companya[euro](tm)s existing piling equipment business.
"But Otis was the king." Cropper reveals he's looking forward to his UK gigs.
Corry Cropper, Playing at Monarchy: Sport as Metaphor in Nineteenth-Century France.
On July 15 Justice Minister Dara Nurredin Dara received from US Army Maj-Gen Jerry Cannon a symbolic key to the Camp Cropper prison complex during a Baghdad ceremony transferring the facility to Iraqi control.
A day before a ceremony to turn over Camp Cropper, a maximum security prison on an American military base near the Baghdad International Airport that houses about 1,700 detainees, an Iraqi government official said July 14 that several former members of the Hussein government, including Tariq Aziz, the finance minister under Hussein who was often the public face in the Western news media of the brutal dictatorship, had already been transferred to Iraqi authority.
At a ceremony in a hangar at Camp Cropper detention centre near Baghdad airport, US military officials gave their Iraqi counterparts a giant, symbolic key and said they were confident no prisoner maltreatment would occur under Iraqi supervision.
BAGHDAD: The US army was handing over control of Camp Cropper prison to Iraqi authorities on Thursday, effectively ending one of the most controversial chapters of the American military occupation.
As his title suggests, Corry Cropper's Playing at Monarchy: Sport as Metaphor in Nineteenth-Century France continues this exploration of middle-class identity construction and self-definition through an examination of formerly aristocratic recreations (pastimes that presupposed ample leisure time and the means for occupying that leisure time), and their adoption throughout the nineteenth century by affluent and/or influential members of an upwardly mobile middle class.
Booker T & The MGs guitarist Cropper and Young Rascals singer Cavaliere are a match made in session heaven, and this new set lives up to their reputation.
Sprinkling celebrity glitter all over the Senedd was Roy Cropper - the 52-year-old owner of Manchester cafe Roy's Rolls.
In this exemplary study, Elizabeth Cropper examines the story of Giovanni Lanfranco's claim that Domenichino took the composition for his altarpiece, the Last Communion of St.
Angela Cropper, co-president of the Cropper Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago, and Emil Salim, the former Indonesian State Minister for Population and Environment, were honored for their efforts to effect actual change in environmental policy.
Leading the academy is Marshall Cropper, a UMES alumnus who played pro football in the 1960s before retiring and running golf tournaments full-time.