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Synonyms for farm



Synonyms for farm

be a farmer

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collect fees or profits

cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

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Pratap Kujur, a tea garden worker said, "Due to heavy rainfall this year, almost 100 hectares of cropland has been lost due to erosion."
Large areas of flat cropland have been damaged by mining subsidence and turned into sloped cropland.
In Brazil for example, the increase in green cropland was still offset almost entirely by the disappearance of forests and savanna vegetation.
Familiar UK species that would be predicted to decline substantially across their global range as a consequence of an expansion in bioenergy cropland combined with climate change include the hedgehog (44% potential loss), red squirrel (46% potential loss) and common starling (15% potential loss), say the researchers.
For both study areas, but especially in the eastern study region, where row crops were the overwhelmingly dominant landscape feature, we eliminated cropland survey points by either skipping some survey points along a route until we reached a point with more varied surrounding habitats, or by eliminating entire survey routes that passed though mainly rowcrop landscapes.
"Bahrain has about 7.8pc of its geographic area under cropland and should ideally have around 20pc, which is feasible, with modern technologies, sufficient investment and the right education in the field.
Statistical analysis: Alpha diversity of recorded species was determined in each site (cropland and pasture).
This study presents a novel analysis that draws on publicly available satellite-based cropland data and a spatially explicit land ownership database that was developed by the authors.
(1) Each quarter, the Ag Credit Survey asks bankers in the Tenth District to provide the current average market values of "good quality" or nonirrigated cropland, irrigated cropland, and ranchland/pastureland in their lending area.
Constraint (2) regulated that tillable land of studied agricultural region is occupied by cropland and forestland.
land-used change in the past 300 years, then focuses on changes during the past 30 years, including urban, grassland, cropland, and forest changes; phenological characteristics and shifts under land-use change; and afforestation areas from the Grain for Green Program aiming to convert cropland to forestland to mitigate soil erosion problems.
Four hundred and eight million acres of that is cropland, while pasture and rangeland totals 614 million acres.
The farms have been owned by Morgan Foods for decades and are approximately two-thirds of cropland with the rest consisting of woodland and recreational land near Hardy Lake.