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Synonyms for crookedly

in a crooked lopsided manner


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- for being lied to, and taught wrongly how to see, think and act, and judge a matter crookedly. Poor Filipino people - for slowly transmogrifying into a people of the lie.
See how far it manages to land from the parent tree.' He let it fall again, and they watched as its well-designed imbalance carried it crookedly askance.
Close to the centre of Tuam, walled by semi-detached houses where a motley collection of television antennas sit crookedly in chimneys emitting the heavy smell of burning coal and peat against the January winter, a children's playground and its grassy knolls and rusting slides will soon be an excavation site, all in to shadow of a statue to the Virgin Mary.
When a one-piece bolt pushes a cartridge into the chamber, it can go in crookedly because the bolt lugs make uneven contact with the lug abutments cut into the receiver.
'I'm going to leave you to it,' Evie said, heading to the stairs, and Sidney smiled crookedly.
Crookedly. "It's this damn chemo," she starts out saying.
A letter accompanying it was from Josh, explaining that he believed a good teacher should help the student break their own bones, which had grown crookedly and were deformed, and to reset them.
Cast my gaze down on myself, seeing that indeed my shirt was buttoned crookedly. Shame.
One cross slouched crookedly, so Charlie hammered it into the gravel with a stone and he looked at them a moment--at their twin shadows--and then he turned and began walking back to camp.
He can feel and perceive the living world around him and ponder on his health, his thoughts, his feelings at seeing his family photos hanging crookedly on the walls and the doctors and nurses taking care of him.
The only alternative is usually extraction of the tooth, which can cause surrounding teeth to shift crookedly, resulting in a bad bite.
It has been crookedly built around phony development and wrong done to Nawaz Sharif under state patronage.
Perhaps the least monumental object in the show, Frieze confronted the viewer from above with steel tubular guts spilling out crookedly from a flat, rectangular concrete slab.
In an uncanny echo of the postmodern temporal layering in Trojan Barbie, Schneider describes the queasy action of reenactment: "Touching time against itself, by bringing time again and again out of joint into theatrical, even anamorphic, relief presents the real, the actual, the raw and the true as, precisely, the zigzagging, diagonal, and crookedly imprecise returns of time." (33) In other words, the performative repetition of history or historical events collapses the distance between the present and the past, exposing the limitations of linear teleology and opening up possibilities for new pasts as well as new presents and futures.
Most people can pick up and wield a hammer, although they may end up driving the nails crookedly. With skill and experience, however, a person can use that hammer to drive even a crooked nail straight.