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Synonyms for crooked

Synonyms for crooked

having bends, curves, or angles

marked by dishonesty, especially in matters of public trust

ruthlessly seeking personal advantage

Synonyms for crooked

having or marked by bends or angles

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not straight

irregular in shape or outline


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having the back and shoulders rounded

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"Though not in essence a mystery or a thriller, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter possesses surprising twists and turns as Franklin reveals more background and history slowly, almost quietly.
Although crooked logs are usually used for boards or small-size squared timber, developing an increased demand for the use of crooked logs in the production of structural wood/lumber should overcome the problem described above.
However, if a crooked nose is influenced by a proximally deflected dorsal septum, it is necessary to treat this portion of the septum directly in order to achieve a correction.
The Scotch pine I had grown up around were crooked because of the seeds they grew from.
Crooked employers will also misclassify workers in order to reduce premium costs.
Braces apply force on crooked or rotated teeth to straighten them.
Or, (more) alternatively: "Songs mean a lot/when songs are bought/an so are you" ("Cut Your Hair," from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain).
'This is something that I am sure the Singapore government will consider for the mutual long-term benefit of both countries,' he said in response to the recent interest to revive the crooked bridge project from Malaysia to Singapore, adding that both countries were in dire need of a third bridge, crooked or otherwise.
Fuller dedicated the past year to landing one manual, one kickflip, and one crooked grind.
Secondary manufacturers who incur increased costs due to overlength lumber or decreased yield due to crooked lumber need to look for these differences in their own lumber supply and learn how they reduce their mill's processing efficiency and yield.
The Crooked River Brewing Company of Cleveland, OH, has announced the introduction of a new low-calorie light beer.
Even the name Mackenzie Crook suits his mildly sinister, slightly crooked face.
Malaysia does not need Singapore's consent to construct a crooked bridge linking both countries, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.
Kenny came up; first guy to switch crooked grind a real rail.