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an owner or tenant of a small farm in Great Britain

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It emerged last night that, five years ago to the day, the crofter began a battle back to health after receiving a kidney from a stranger.
The crofter fell while repairing the roof of a shed.
Fron Deg will become an example of how a Tyddynwr crofter would have lived in Llyn in the early 1900s.
However the crofter, who lives on Skye, now accompanies them by boat.
He said although he had spent the last seven years in England he had got another crofter to look after his Highland cows.
In following up what has turned out to be an ongoing three-year expansion, Crofter's is set to build again this spring with a new 8,400-square foot warehouse and freezer.
The Road to the Isles is interspersed with periodic references to "the present crofter agitation." Eight images round out the "picture" of ordinary life in Skye: "Crofters Dwellings," "Washing Day," "The Spinning Wheel," "Octogenarians," "Corn Grinding," "The 'Cas Chrom,'" "Crofter and Daughter," and "Girl with Creel." The condition of housing, domestic cleanliness, the prevalence of old people in the area "notwithstanding the neglect of sanitary laws," anachronistic work procedures, outmoded craft skills, and an ironic reflection on the difficulty of women's labor compared to that of men are all commented on in the images and words.
FARMERS and crofters hit by delays to European Union support payments are to receive the money from the Scottish Government, the First Minister has announced.
The first witness, Angus Stewart, crofter, before giving evidence, said: "I want an assurance that I will not be evicted [for speaking out] from my holding by the landlord or factor, as I have already seen done."
Westmead Melanie's time, however, was eclipsed by three other heat winners, as Any Questions, Crofter and Cabra Legend all announced their Springbok intentions with eyecatching displays.
Mark McEwan secured Crofter's victory with their fifth counter.
One crofter at Gramsdale claims that he lost 25 lambs last year alone.
In the first place, Sturgeon could double the financial support for crofter housing and widen the scheme to give a boost to remote villages.
At Easter a few years ago, a crofter was herding donkeys along the single-track road between Rhiconich and Durness in northwest Sutherland.