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Microsatellites as a class of highly variable genetic markers are widely distributed in eukaryotic genomes and have been used in numerous crocodilian population studies.
For crocodilians, the onset of sexual maturity is related to size and age (Verdade, 1995; Wilkinson and Rhodes, 1997; Wilkinson et al., 2016).
Using the name given the alligator, Keszey said, "It scares me in a way, because I don't want someone killing Snowball or throwing Snowball into a lake or river." He continued, "Obviously the person who did this doesn't care because they killed all my other crocodilians."
Visitors will be able to test their strength against a croc on a modified force gauge; learn how to speak "croc"; get up close to a model of Gomek, the largest crocodile ever exhibited in the Western Hemisphere after he was caught on the Fly River of Papua New Guinea in the 1960s; and test their crocodilian IQ with fun facts and croc trivia.
Holliday will present the new findings and other highlights of recent research about crocodilian anatomy at the American Association of Anatomists Annual Meeting during Experimental Biology 2016.
In Reptiles (1943), cute yet nasty crocodilian creatures march off the paper, through a mirror, and back again.
We would set ourselves down in one spot under the blazing summer sun and methodically scour every inch and every pebble in our little area for mammal, crocodilian and dromaeosaur teeth.
The handle is of common liner-lock design, but the crocodilian green Linen Micarta scales are works of 3-dimensional art, their shapes complementing the blades aggressive posture.
Wildlife conservationist Subir Mario Chowfin, who has been studying the population trends of gharials and other crocodilian species at Corbett since 2008, said: " I arrived at the Corbett tiger reserve in February 2008.
Adult crocodilian females show parental care by guarding their nests and demonstrating aggressive displays, including vocalizations and attempts to attack, when intruders are nearby the nesting area (Stanton 1978, Crawshaw & Schaller 1980, Ayarzaguena 1983, Cintra 1988).
As is the case of various other crocodilian species, they are quite resistant in captivity, although they are vulnerable to plantar abrasions when kept on substrates that have hardened over time, which may also be related to their greater weight and more fragile skin (COSTA, 2010 - personal communication).
In Pakistan, red-headed vulture, the Green Turtle, Brown Bear, Snow Leopard and the Gharial (a long-snouted crocodilian) are the most-endangered species in the country.
The collection of eggs from the wild, to be incubated under artificial conditions, has been a common and useful activity implemented for the management of different crocodilian species for commercial and conservation purposes (Blake and Loveridge, 1975; Chabreck, 1978; Joanen and McNease, 1981; Child, 1987; Hines and Abercrombie, 1987; Whitaker, 1987).