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Synonyms for crockery

tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively

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They'll swoop down even when people are sat at the table, and it can end up costing me PS100 as all the crockery ends up smashed on the floor.
DISHY DISHES There has always been a wide choice of crockery on the market, but white has long been the dominant shade.
This framework agreement concerns the supply of crockery and associated services.
She said: "They should have cutlery and crockery unless the businesses are willing to pay increased council tax to clear up the mess their customers leave.
Karachi: Pakistan Customs on Friday seized about three kilogrammes of heroin that was being smuggled from Karachi airport to Sri Lanka through a courier company in a wooden box declared to contain crockery.
The offenders caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and destroyed crockery and artwork after breaking into Longbarn Village, near Alcester, Warwickshire.
For the last few years my mum has got me some lovely crockery by a potter from Perthshire.
Summary: Muscat: Nando's, the home of PERi-PERi, donated over 800 pieces of custom-made crockery to Dar .
1 ( ANI ): Crockery, cutlery and music contribute at least as much to the enjoyment of a meal as the food itself, a new study has revealed.
Shopping of groceries, cooking utensils, stylish and trendy crockery, table cloths etc are essential part of this eid preparations as women do special arrangements for their guests.
Kitchen Mela means a fair, which will primarily focus upon the different kinds of kitchen utensils, storage units andcontainers, crockery and stoves.
From crockery to cufflinks, teapots to T-shirts, there's plenty available to help you show some patriotic pride.
The eight-piece set, created by Karen Griffiths and Peter Armstrong who make crockery for dollhouses, takes pride of place at the Miniatura miniature and doll house exhibition, staged on March 17 and 18.
Jet Airways, an Indian carrier, yesterday announced it has unveiled a new line of bespoke crockery for its first class and premiere cabins.
ClickPress, Thu Mar 24 2011] Debenhams, the high street store, has announced that deliberately mis-matched crockery, where no two plates or cups are the same, is the latest craze to hit the UK.