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Synonyms for crochet

needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle


make a piece of needlework by interlocking and looping thread with a hooked needle

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Talking about why only crocheted octopus, Dr Wahidi said: "Preemies at the Neonatal Intensive Care facility reach out for something to hold on.
On May 21, she became one of the oldest participants among 700 Indian women across the world who set a new Guinness World Record in Chennai by making the longest crocheted scarf measuring 14.09km.
I have a big basket of wool on the shelf in my living room waiting to be made into crocheted presents," she says.
The charity group's members have knitted and crocheted more than 500 blankets and hats for all of the region's frontline ambulances, while they've also been asked to provide clothing for the area's neonatal units.
Anne Lord, museum spokeswoman, said: "It's a brilliant display of examples of knitted and crocheted lace and is a fantastic opportunity to see different styles.
19 --, India's premier research company in export import data, announced today that India's Knitted or Crocheted Fabrics imports in December- 2014 has grew to US$ 34.36 M, a increase of 9.61% compared to November 2014.
"The women began sitting in groups as they crocheted. They began approaching others whom they normally ignored, to ask about and admire the work they were doing." Another benefit she noted was enhanced self-esteem, as the women realized they could create something that was both beautiful and functional and see it through from start to finish.
- Knitted and Crocheted Articles in Germany: ISIC 173
In an email to the ECHO, the artist professionally known as Crocheted Olek said she was "transforming old into new."
A mystery group calling themselves The Crochet Conspiritors have given the 61-year-old copper bust a crocheted crown and top, and also covered the plinth in knitwear.
I have crocheted shawls and coats for great-grandchildren and I am still busy doing knitting and crocheting for charities.
The group is also be raising awareness of recycling and showing how otherwise thrown away fabrics can be cut up and crocheted into sculptures that will be displayed next year.
During the Renaissance, women crocheted several strands of thread producing fabrics similar to lace.
Fans crocheted away before the Amazin's took on the Marlins as folks from Guinness observed.