crochet needle

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a needle with a hook on the end


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Others use crochet needles, added the nurse who works at a clinic in Kibera.
Then I'll have a nice wicker picnic basket in which to keep all the wool and crochet needles and cross-stitch paraphernalia for the #old hobbies I shall presumably be taking up next Not that anyone will pay the slightest attention to my Santa list anyway.
Amazon artisans IT'S crochet needles at dawn: Amazon has officially unveiled its latest retail stream, which is being seen as a competitor to 10-year-old handicraft shopping site, Etsy.
From crochet needles to watch-making tools, Sandesh works with whatever he likes and depending on the image takes anything from two to eight hours.
"I will leave my knitting and crochet needles at home for this run and go for speed instead.
His crochet needles keep pace with the sound of his voice, never pausing for a breath but clacking continually until yet another beautifully patterned square emerges that will eventually be connected to a lap, a dog, or perhaps even a twin bed.
In the sculpture Northern Kindness, 2007, a bearskin is draped over a folding chair, the wolf trap lies ready at its feet, and a skein of wool and crochet needles are left on the fur on the seat.
It's also worth noting that some formerly common travel items--knitting or crochet needles, Swiss Army knives, nail files--are no longer allowed to be carried on board many airlines.