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Synonyms for croaky

low and grating in sound

Synonyms for croaky

like the sounds of frogs and crows


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"Who would've thought my croaky voice would get a feature!
An apologetic video posted on the star's instagram account last night raised concern with her fans after she appeared very croaky but it seems she has recovered as we've been told by her management that tonight's show will go ahead as planned.
| A CROAKY voice can be improved by humming, say researchers.
UNION'S CROAKY BY ME Kermit and Beaker back Scotland staying in UK
All those who are dead are either ghosts or witches with ugly faces and croaky voice.
"With stronger monetary policies, fiscal policies and growth policies, we will end deflation, correct a high yen, and grow the economy," Abe said passionately, his voice also croaky. Policy "The Noda government makes all sorts of complaints (about our policies), but have they stopped deflation?
ROBERT WALEY-COHEN was not the only one to shout himself croaky in the closing stages of the Totesport Cheltenham Gold Cup.
She was able to form her first words on October 29, but her voice was croaky, and since then she has been able to improve her ability to speak.
This time he's joined by a band, but he's still a croaky, adult Jackanory storyteller at heart.
Bonham Carter revealed that she had to spend hours dubbing her tantrums after the filming had wrapped - because she sounded croaky in so many scenes.
SPORTS Secretary Andy Burnham had to apologise to MPs on Mondayfor being "a touch croaky" after cheering on his beloved Everton to cup semifinal triumph over Manchester United.
I broke my sternum too," said a croaky Youcef Cummings.
A pensioner with a comb-over and a croaky voice is wanted by police.
And with the "ah!" that sunlit dust evoked, a croaky chorus invoked the antiphon: "O Rising Sun, splendor of Eternal light and brilliant Sun of Justice, come and light up the darkness concealing from us the path to life," and with the singing came the realization that even motes of misery are made merry by the light of God.