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Synonyms for croaking

low and grating in sound

Synonyms for croaking

a harsh hoarse utterance (as of a frog)


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The croaking was so loud that He filmed a frog free-for-all at a small pond in Gosforth when hundreds of the amphibfians gathered to mark the start of spring.
There's nothing quite like seeing the stars in a completely black sky while hearing the croaking frogs on the pond singing bass to the chirping crickets' song.
To start the frog ceremony, two croaking frogs were placed into a basket to prevent them from jumping away.
All I got was a has-been croaking his way through a half-hearted and only half-performed concert.
I'm looking to be a good 150 before I think about croaking.
When we children of the '60s heard Bob Dylan croaking that "the answer is blowin' in the wind," many of us dared to believe it was true, that a profound and healthy change was coming to America because the times, don't you know, they were a-changin'.
Robert Patteri sings in a plummy British accent that moves from a croaking whisper to a throbbing vibrato - the type of performance so thoroughly lampooned by Christopher Sieber in "Spamalot" it can no longer be endured with a straight face.
But, at sunset, evidence of wildlife emerges: Suddenly, volunteer David Erickson and I are surrounded by a chorus of croaking frogs.
If the Bluebirds are croaking, the Robins are chirping after five successive league victories have lifted them nine places to fifth.
When the Pharaoh of Egypt refuses to let the Jewish slaves go, God sends a massive plague of frogs upon the land, croakng and croaking and allowing no one a moment's peace.
MARINE biologists have found they can communicate with frogs by croaking.
Marine biologists at the Bournemouth-based centre came up with the idea of croaking to their camouflaging tree frogs when they had trouble finding the colour-changing creatures.
Just a lot of croaking and then some guy comes on the line and apologises for not being able to speak clearly.
He seems to he moving away from the "natural science" installations that often provided a variety of informational or experimental situations involving animal species, such as the construction of living environments or stagelike arrangements of "clubbing time" for frogs with microphones amplifying their croaking.
Udder-like clusters of inflated pink rubber gloves and loud intermittent croaking -- perhaps emitted by some of the American bullfrogs currently invading France -- evoke the presence of teeming nature in a bucolic pond setting where flattened patches of straw among reeds suggest recent amorous activities [Le nid des deesses Mappa by Duthoit & Barbier of Hemisphere, France].