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Synonyms for croaking

low and grating in sound

Synonyms for croaking

a harsh hoarse utterance (as of a frog)


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The croaking was so loud that people said that it sounded like a helicopter overhead.
Experts at Bournemouth Oceanarium came up with the idea of croaking to their camouflaging tree frogs when they had trouble finding the colour- changing creatures at feeding time.
Marine biologists at the Bournemouth-based centre came up with the idea of croaking to their camouflaging tree frogs when they had trouble finding the colour-changing creatures.
Just a lot of croaking and then some guy comes on the line and apologises for not being able to speak clearly.
He seems to he moving away from the "natural science" installations that often provided a variety of informational or experimental situations involving animal species, such as the construction of living environments or stagelike arrangements of "clubbing time" for frogs with microphones amplifying their croaking.
Udder-like clusters of inflated pink rubber gloves and loud intermittent croaking -- perhaps emitted by some of the American bullfrogs currently invading France -- evoke the presence of teeming nature in a bucolic pond setting where flattened patches of straw among reeds suggest recent amorous activities [Le nid des deesses Mappa by Duthoit & Barbier of Hemisphere, France].
From the beginning of May until the end of July, the frogs' croaking bears proof to their ecstasy.
Three ornamental croaking frogs were yesterday branded a nuisance in court.
The ad, featuring three frogs croaking "Big Lose R" with the center frog sitting on a "Not Wiser" can, was supposed to be posted for one month on 20 Oakland billboards.
This tiny secretive marsh bird from southern Europe has a croaking call and it eventually ventured out to show its true identity.
Action hero Mel Gibson has been struck down by a mystery bug that's left him croaking and shaky.
And he's looking to be a "good 150 before I think about croaking.
Now it won't be easy But better than wheezy, And I really don't fancy croaking.
Lots of unnerving, clicking croaking comes over phone lines, too.
But they soon realised it was one animal with three croaking heads.