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a regional term for 'creature' (especially for domestic animals)

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Also, the company said that it has converted its existing Trutech operations in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas, to Critter Control and will operate as Critter Control lnc as of now, in those markets.
In March 2015, Rollins announced that it had acquired Critter Control, Inc.
With Critter Capers, nothing is more frustrating for visitors than to arrive at the wrong conclusion because our instructions weren't clear.
I'll end this critter saga with the still mysterious situation that arose when a critter (most likely a gopher, but possibly a rat) nested under the floorboards of a room in our house, died, and left the Odor of Death.
You can get those people a little less likely to wear a critter to wear it if you don't color it so brightly," he said, "but the guy who is a 'total prep' wants it pink and green.
It was hard to decide to let him go, when he was still alert, but we had two previous cats who suffered at the end and we couldn't bear to see Critter go through that.
A critter looks around its LNG-large attractiveness immediate vicinity, determines the size and SHT-small attractiveness distance of close resources (in its visual SHT-med attractiveness range), computes the attractiveness of each SHT-large attractiveness resource, and then goes for the one with STR-small attractiveness the highest value.
The sales generated by new brands featuring a critter outperform other new table wines by more than two to one.
To make sure enough time has passed for the dirt to exit a worm's system, it's wise to soak the critter overnight in water, says Turpin.
In alternate chapters, Seattle and Critter tell about the summer in which their close friendship falls apart in confusion.
Competition for food is fierce; their critter won't survive if the students can't find enough food.
I then asked them to imagine what critter could hatch from their egg.
Maybe he or she would feel at home on a house plant, or perhaps it would be fun to tie some fishing line or string around your critter to hang anywhere you like
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The Critter Line Guard is a series of free-spinning, hollow polypropylene rollers that attach to a power line.