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Synonyms for critique

Synonyms for critique

evaluative and critical discourse

Synonyms for critique

an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)

a serious examination and judgment of something

appraise critically

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Lumsden's explanation of how Derrida appropriates and transforms Heidegger's critique of the metaphysics of presence is equally clear and reliable in its main outlines.
Ainsi elle cede la place a la critique complaisante qui fait appel aux archaiques formules de l'eloge et oublie son role existentiel qui est de corriger, d'accompagner et de redresser.
En ce qui concerne l'objectif de clarification, l'utilisation de la chaise vide permet d'explorer differents aspects du soi: le soi critique et le soi experientiel, plus sain et adapte.
Altieri effectively describes the kind of "appreciation" whose valuing is the justification and aim of much undergraduate teaching of literature, which he would make central to a criticism that neither "instrumentalizes" (48) literature as material for critique nor defends the aesthetic through appeal to an ethics of otherness or singularity, which he associate with Derek Attridge, among others.
Bien que fortement interessee par le discours theorique, j'ai le sentiment qu'il est de notre ressort, en tant que periodique culturel, de valoriser une reflexion sur la critique comme discours mediatique s'inscrivant dans un contexte de publication dont les effets sur la reception de la critique elle-meme sont substantiels.
Il se limite volontairement a des hebdomadaires parce qu'il considere que c'est la, plutot que dans les grands quotidiens de l'epoque, que s'exprime le mieux la pratique critique.
This critique of 'traditional' modes of critique has been so successful because it offers not just a rejection of such modes, but also an alternative to them.
The third section develops the relationship among immanent, transcendental, minimalist and diagnostic critiques to establish that Marx's critique of capitalism is neither transcendental nor minimalist nor diagnostic.
Il elargit les recherches de Jean-Yves Tadie (Lectures de Proust, 1971) et Annick Bouillaguet (Marcel Proust: bilan critique, 1994), elles aussi consacrees a reconstituer la fortune critique proustienne en France.
It's not easy finding someone who is willing to honestly critique your work, and it's even harder to find someone willing to offer feedback on its salability and presentation.
ineffective, advertising, Tag (media and communication arts, City College of New York) advocates honing critique skills for constructive criticism of ads.
The critique stays positive and students can reflect on what made particular images more successful over others.
Sociology's special relation with social critique, Luc Boltanski reminds us in his book, has been a central conundrum for the discipline ever since its formation.
com) announced its first eBook, the DIY Blog Critique, that helps women bloggers improve their blogs through an in-depth critique.
The critique of Thinking Ecologically: Environmental Thought, Values and Policy (Morito, 2002) begins by acknowledging the author's efforts--in this book and other work--to develop an environmental ethic based on an ecological valuation of nature and opens a wider dialogue about the intriguing possibilities inherent in such 'ecological thinking'.