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Synonyms for criticizer

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

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One criticizer also said that Markle needs to receive lessons on proper decorum to avoid similar mistakes.
Criticizers reportedly say that these dollar stores hold back local competition and reduce poor consumers access to healthy foods.
The country is also among criticizers of US sanctions on Iranian oil exports.
Did not criticizers see Egyptian atheist youths who show off their atheism on satellite TV channels, debate freely, and assert that their numbers are big?
He had asked his criticizers for accompanying him on the ship.
I'm pretty sure if the criticizers had offspring with a mild deformity that was able to be corrected, they also would look into correcting it.
In the Indian mass media, there are several reports on the subject of CPEC where the reports state the negative statements made by the government and the criticizers according to which this project would harm the national interests of the country.
Zia Haider Rizvi challenged the criticizers to come forward with evidence if they have any.
He said the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had been ruined in the name of change and added that criticizers of metro bus had no ability to complete this important project as they had dug up the whole city of Peshawar in guise of metro project.
The criticizers of CPEC are afraid of development and prosperity in Pakistan.
How many criticizers can say they could do the same?"
Minister Rishad Bathiudeen went on to say, "I urge the criticizers and promoters of No Confidence Motion to focus on the country's fiscal background rather than the Hon Finance Minister.
1 May 2016 - 16:33 France in Chaos / arresting a hundred of workers and students After one month of beginning of objections and protests, the disorder and chaos in franc everyday find a new dimension and take a more serious form The government criticizers, syndicates and student groups recognized this bill which was presented by Francois Holland government ,as a threat for future work environment and a sign of making the education atmosphere harder for students and so asked the government to withdraw it.
Turkey turned a blind eye on fighters sneaking through its borders to support the Syrian revolution, and then supported the lesser of the two evils: Al-Nusra Front, as its criticizers claim.
Previously, nearly every AKP official has stigmatized, demonized and condemned all critics and criticizers. That was the real polarization.