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Political parties, he said, should criticise each other, and comparison is unavoidable as everybody wants to talk about the best ways to improve the country.
The post EU criticises Turkey for summoning German envoy over Erdogan satire appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In The Second Half, Keane heavily criticises ex-Reds boss Sir Alex Ferguson, and Robson claims Keane only released the book for the money.
I noticed that one columnist recently went as far as to name and criticise a council planner for, presumably, just doing his job and implementing the planning regulations imposed by the Government that the same columnist regularly praises.
I am not proposing that people who criticise the monarchy or heads of state to take their job for one day, but only suggest that they imagine that they are in their position for one day and see how well they perform!!
The whole point of the piece was not to criticise Mr Young for accepting an invitation to go on Question Time, but rather to criticise the BBC for issuing the invitation in the first place.
One feels entitled to criticise Dubai as 'Las Vegas without the gambling' despite it being so popular, not just with tourists but with its expat population.
We all know the cliche: don't criticise unless you are above reproach.
"Kylie is a fan of these artists and would never criticise them.
MRS Winters is quite right to criticise me over the Catholic attitude to annulment.
But modernists have no right to criticise the ulema for the lack of knowledge they never had the opportunity to receive.
If he gets emotional, they criticise. If he colours his hair, they criticise.
'I have frequently used Facebook to criticise developments in the district, especially regarding land disputes where villagers have had their land taken, and not just by one family, but many, and this made the [authorities] unhappy.
Tan Sri Rais Yatim should resign as Putrajaya's special adviser on cultural affairs if he cannot use 'proper channels' to criticise government leaders, said Umno supreme council member Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz.