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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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We defined pathway development and implementation characteristics by reviewing archived critical pathway files with local critical pathway experts.
Page 162 in: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Critical Pathways. Springer, 1997.
A literature review found that most hospitals who had adopted a patient-focused philosophy had incorporated both critical pathways and documentation by exception (Johnson & Miller, 1992; Weber & Weber, 1994).
A component of the traditional critical pathway is the parent/child plan (see Table 2) which is a useful teaching tool for the family in anticipation of discharge expectations (Schull, Tosch, & Wood, 1992).
A 3-month pilot study was conducted to determine if the critical pathway for mastectomy patients adequately met quality of care and cost efficiency standards.
They would work with all disciplines to gain compliance with the critical pathway guidelines; closely manage LOS, ancillary utilization, quality indicators; and report critical pathway variances.
Since then, critical pathways -- also called Critical Pathway Care Maps, Action Plans, Multidisciplinary Action Plans, or Clinical Pathways -- have been adapted to meet the needs of different health care organizations that are implementing so-called case management models, the basis of subacute care programs that are evolving today.
These detailed descriptions of process have been called algorithms, protocols, practice parameters, guidelines, standards of care, or critical pathways. In chart form, they are strikingly similar to the flow charts used by industry in total quality management.
Adamson said for a nation, having greater number of women coming into public office and stepping up besides men to be decision makers was a critical pathway towards equality.
"The Atlantic Sunrise project is a critical pathway to connect Marcellus production to markets along the Eastern Seaboard, and its timely construction is essential to meeting the market demands for the 2017 heating season," Chief's Senior Vice President of Marketing Andrew Levine wrote in a Feb.
Critical pathway model (Figure 3): In 1990 advances has led to the understanding the cellular and molecular interaction which resulted in periodontal disease progression, where understanding regarding these elements had led to critical pathway of pathogenesis by Offenbacher in 1996.
"Synaptic loss can occur before the onset of beta amyloid plaques or tangles, so conventional anti-amyloid and anti-tau approaches are not targeting a critical pathway by which Alzheimer's disease may develop," says Dr.
This new team has an incredible opportunity to re-energize the GED as a critical pathway to college and career success in Oregon.
CD28 signaling is a critical pathway required for effector T cell expansion and for regulatory T cells inactivation, and FR104 exerts its immunomodulatory function by blocking CD28 signaling and thereby preventing effector T cells but not regulatory T cells function, thereby promoting immune tolerance.