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the smallest angle of incidence for which light is totally reflected

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[[alpha].sub.c] and [[beta].sub.c] are the critical angles of the incident P- and S-waves, respectively.
To remove the contribution from the roughness originating dominantly from the surface, the intensity taken at the critical angle in Figure 3(a) was subtracted numerically from the intensity obtained at a larger angle of grazing incidence (i.e., 0.038[degrees] above the critical angle) shown in Figure 3(b), displaying therefore only the contribution derived from the deeper regions of the film (Figure 3(c)) [16].
The critical angle of the rear face sheet of honeycomb sandwich panel was 72[degrees] at the impact speed of 3 km/s as shown in Figures 9(a) and 10(a).
A fish can see anything within the 97.2[degrees] (twice the critical angle) sight window of the Snell's Window, but objects near the edge of the window will be severely distorted and out of focus.
Examining bare substrates and the spray-coated film at various incident angles, i.e., probing the sample with varying penetration depths revealed that the scattering signal of the spray-coated film is very weak and can only be distinguished from the substrate signal at incident angles close to the critical angle of the blend material.
where [[theta].sub.c] the critical angle that is sought and [n.sub.1] and [n.sub.2] is are refraction indexes of medium light is originating and of medium light is exiting from respectfully.
At any rate, the transition concept is based on the fact that the downwash separates at the top of the slanted base and reattaches somewhere on the slanted base below the critical angle, whereas it does not reattach any more beyond the critical angle.
The idea of light travelling through a Fiber is first the light gets injected into the Fiber and strike the core to cladding interface at an angle greater than the critical angle, reflects back into core, since the angle of incidence and reflection are equal.
If you feel shaking through the seat of your pants, the problem is probably the wing--as redesigned by ice--ap-proaching its critical angle of attack.
Not surprisingly, amber means you're "getting close" and red is the "danger zone." There is also an audible "Geiger counter" clicking heard through the headset that increases in speed the closer the SCx shows to the critical angle of attack.
Mr Oh, a helmsmen on the ferry with 10 years' shipping experience, said that when the crew gathered on the bridge and sent a distress call the ship was already listing more than five degrees, the critical angle at which the ship can be brought back to even keel.
Oh Yong-seok, a helmsman on the ferry with 10 years of shipping experience, said that when the crew gathered on the bridge and sent a distress call, the ship was already listing more than 5 degrees, the critical angle at which a vessel can be brought back to even keel.
These calculations are done by considering the effect of critical angle. The critical angle of glass varies from 38[degrees] to 43[degrees].
Light rays 1 and 2 can escape the substrate to front air, but ray 3 would be reflected to glass and exit from the side of substrate because of the mismatch of glass-air refractive index and large incident angle (higher than critical angle).
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