critical angle

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the smallest angle of incidence for which light is totally reflected

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probing the sample with varying penetration depths revealed that the scattering signal of the spray-coated film is very weak and can only be distinguished from the substrate signal at incident angles close to the critical angle of the blend material.
The light guide design here is defined so, that at starting conditions there exist a critical angle (TIR condition) for incidence light at the air-light guide interface.
This result indicates that the critical angle is strongly dependent on the three-dimensional separated flow.
The idea of light travelling through a Fiber is first the light gets injected into the Fiber and strike the core to cladding interface at an angle greater than the critical angle, reflects back into core, since the angle of incidence and reflection are equal.
Mr Oh, a helmsmen on the ferry with 10 years' shipping experience, said that when the crew gathered on the bridge and sent a distress call the ship was already listing more than five degrees, the critical angle at which the ship can be brought back to even keel.
It also shows that the two media only accept plane waves that are incident up to a critical angle equal to [sin.
In Search of Camara Laye" opens up yet another critical angle as Irele takes issue with Adele King's highly controversial 2002 book alleging that Laye could not have been the author of the first two works that bore his name (L'Enfant noir and Le Regard du rot).
scan using a fixed incidence angle just below the critical angle (GIXRD) measurements reflectometric (XRR) and X-ray scattering niskokatowego (SAXS) for single crystals and thin epitaxial layers ultacienkich and complex heterostructures and superlattices.
Operating parameters such as gas flow rate, pressure, temperature and pipe ID are used to calculate the critical angle requirements for DG-ICDA.
cr] is a critical angle of attack that is characterised by sharp changes in the pressure profile on the blade back, [i.
At a certain crack width, w, only those fibres which are inclined less than the critical angle [[theta].
CANCER (June 22-July 23) You seem to be looking at yourself from an overly critical angle and it would be worth your while accepting and taking in some of the constructive comments that your close ones are giving you.
For me, this was the frustration of the study; I was always looking for a more critical angle, or a conversation with current philosophical voices.
The degree of stability of the lift curve near the critical angle of attack (lift-curve peak form) is known to be the function of the leading edge radius as discussed in the reference [18].
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