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the weight of a liter of hydrogen (at 0 centigrade and 760 millimeters pressure)

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(54) The Irish status text Crith Gablach asks 'king [Ri], why is he so called?' and answers that he 'exerts [riges] the power of correction over the members of his tiath (the tuath remains untranslated as it is more closely related to the Latin gentes, than 'tribe').
(61) These texts express ideological expectations of authoritative kingship and the vernacular status text Crith Gablach attempts to explain the constitutional arrangements that would maintain this authority.
Overall, the intent of vernacular texts such as Audacht Morainn and Crith Gablach appears to have been to achieve widespread dissemination of a political agenda.
(81) Knowledge and education appear to be inextricably linked to good governing practices, a connection made in Crith Gablach.
In science, a crith is a unit of mass for weighing what: liquids or gases?