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serving as a basis for evaluation


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To adequately grasp the content of the speaker's utterance, the first-level descriptive meaning has to be enriched to something like "the [large] male whose feet left these prints in the sand", and this completed description is the one which the listener is intended to use criterially. Hence the listener understands the speaker to have said that the man who left the footprints in the sand, whoever he is, is a giant.
This is particularly true of the claim I make in section VII, namely, that a consensus theory of truth, whether Peirce's or anyone else's, is best understood not as offering an alternative to the traditional correspondence theory, but rather as making this latter criterially relevant.
"Half-determining" the correctness of a response achieves nothing; a partially determined answer is, simply, undetermined.(10) Of course, concurrent and retrospective avowals can each contribute (criterially or constitutively, if you like) to confirming the correctness of an interpretation of a speaker as having meant plus two.
Genres have historically been characterized in terms of a motley, modest, and more-or-less constraining collection of features, and (as terminology more than suggests: types, modes, forms, fundamental categories, subtraditions, etc.) the set of genres itself is a collection of criterially varied and loosely defined subsets: some favor the represented (novel and romance) whereas some privilege the representing (diary novel and memoir novel); some stress mode (epic, lyric, dramatic); others focus on motivation (marvelous, fantastic, realistic) or emphasize motifs (fox stories, dog stories, detective stories); and still others foreground relations between various worlds in the textual universe, degrees of legibility, spatiotemporal origins, or effects on the receiver.
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