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Synonyms for crisscrossed

marked with crossing lines


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D&M notes that all developed countries are crisscrossed by pipelines which transport products thousands of miles.
Hot cross beams Novel microstructures of crisscrossed tungsten rods filtered various wavelengths of radiated heat--a talent that someday might boost the efficiency of lightbulbs (161: 334).
Lee demonstrates all of the intensive methods--from a purchased bag of compost with holes slashed in it and plants set directly into this, to a rectangle of crisscrossed twigs that have soil, leaves and veggie clippings poured over it.
The Fields were a parade ground used by the Prussians, the Wilhelmine army, the Nazis, and finally the Russians, who crisscrossed the flat ground with earth berms, thrown up as protective outworks for their barracks.
The touring companies have crisscrossed several continents, bringing the total number of people who have seen Riverdance to a staggering twelve million (plus seven million who have bought the video).
Burton tracks the movement of adventurous African American men across the country's West before paved roads crisscrossed the nation's plains.
We see apocalyptic wastelands pocked with shell craters and crisscrossed by hedgerows of barbed wire stuffed with corpses.
Genant of the University of California, San Francisco and his colleagues scanned the weblike matrix of crisscrossed fibers within bones of premenopausal and postmenopausal women.
And both have crisscrossed the nation dozens of times this past year, hungry to win over undecided--or swing--voters.
Sitting under the veil of its crisscrossed shadows, New Yorkers were enchanted by this grand gesture for their summer pleasure occupying the garden for the few remaining months before it was to close for the museum's major architectural renovation by Yoshio Taniguchi.
There was little to suggest affection or companionship as they crisscrossed the stage, though at one point a group briefly coalesced.
Crisscrossed woven lines, hatching of all sorts, sets of radiating parallel diagonals, circular chains, blobs and dashes, oval repetitions (like fingerprints, vaginas, or targets), and more--mostly in reds and blues and ranging from delicate to deliberate--relentlessly cover page after page.
Then, they zapped the ions once with pulses from crisscrossed laser beams tuned to carefully chosen frequencies.