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Synonyms for crispness

a pleasing firmness and freshness

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an expressive style that is direct and to the point

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firm but easily broken

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Some background: investigators wondered why vegetables lose their firmness during the blanching stage of canning and thought that using less heat during that process would preserve crispness. They found that the cooking heat breaks down the large pectin molecules responsible for firmness in vegetables in a process called depolymerization.
The purpose of research at the University of Missouri-Columbia and at Protein Technologies International was to investigate the crispness of corn cakes, a nonextruded product, as a function of glass transition and moisture content.
Little flavour but good crispness. They are an unattractive sort of putty colour.
Punny names and fanciful biographies give them whimsical personas: Ida Nevasayneva (Paul Ghiselin) is too myopic to locate the exit wings; ebony beauty Karina Grudj (Rashonn James) is fiercely coy; perky blond Elena Kumonova (Mark Rudzitis) dances with real technical crispness; and, honey, don't mess with Natalia Schmaltzova (William Grinton).
The chips tasted reasonably fresh at first, but their apparent initial crispness gave way to a softer, greasier mush which made them increasingly less appetising the more I ate.
Heat to medium, then fry bread cubes in the duck fat for wonderful golden crunchy crispness. Blot on kitchen paper and season.
The first fish and chips to be cooked in the microwave - yet retain their traditional crispness - have been launched in Sainsburys as a result of innovative technology developed by Boxes GH.
In addition, scientists are trying to extend the crispness of fried foods under the heat lamp.
Hardy's Stamp of Australia Riesling Gewurztraminer 1999 (Sainsbury's and elsewhere, pounds 4.49) has ripe, sweet fruit and a refreshing citrus crispness. A clever balancing act which really works with a takeaway.
But Tunde with a voice like melting Crunchie bars (gooey but still retaining a hint of crispness) and Paul, a selonfessed bit of a lad, successfully led from the front.
Enjoy then the lively lime and lemon acidity of this typical example with its crispness tempered by contrasting soft, textured apple components.
The refrigerated, packaged slices of apples last two to three weeks without browning or losing crispness.
The objective of the switch was to reduce costs without compromising the packaging performance, and the benefits for Freshbake have included an increased efficiency in production and distribution due to the strength, 'crispness' and moisture resistant nature of Frovi Light material.
An elegant, French dry white balancing crispness with a grassy fruitiness.