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firm but easily broken

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Add the stuffing balls later to retain their crispiness.
The tender yet bouncy texture of the jowls was enhanced by the nutty crispiness of the stink leaf beans while the airy rice crisps created another texture.
The place promises crispiness with their name and delivers it with every single pie.
The softness of the buns with the crispiness of crabs was quite delicious.
I loved the quality of the fish and the delicious crispiness of the batter.
Skewered Butabara (pork) and Tebasaki (chicken wings) were grilled to crispiness with a hint of salt.
The shop's arepas have about the same diameter as a bocce ball--slim pockets of corn dough that have been griddled to extreme crispiness. The shredded beef arepa ($4.95) is a true highlight, stuffed with ground beef sauteed with the slightest bit of tomato and leavened with small hunks of potato.
The imperfect lengths in each serving will offer an authentic product with more of a focus on texture, crispiness and taste."
Sensory analyses conducted at the university campus with 103 participants showed that extrudate with 24% cranberry seed meal was the best in terms of appearance, color, crispiness, flavor, aftertaste and overall acceptability, with low bitterness and tartness.
But they were an absolute revelation, the crispiness given by a quick dip in the frier made a world of difference, and is definitely something we'll be trying again.
First M&M's, now pancakes - what's with the war on crispiness? Should Toffee Crisp and Rice Krispies be worried?
Much harder than being able to roast potatoes to perfect crispiness (No3) or knowing when to deadhead a rose (No30).
However, they are not capable of providing browning and crispiness to the food as they are not equipped with grilling features.
A 09 point hedonic scale (from 1=extremely dislike to 9=extremely like) was used to determine the preference in flavour, taste, crispiness and overall acceptability according to the procedure described by Lawless and Heymann (1998).
The crisp breaded fillets served with garlic, chilli and sweet and sour sauce on the side was a hit for its crispiness while the noodles - garnished with large prawns, tofu and topped with peanuts and eggs - was evocative of the true 'Thai' taste - sweet and subtly tangy thanks to Tamarind Sauce in fine balance.