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Synonyms for crisis

Synonyms for crisis

a highly volatile dangerous situation requiring immediate remedial action

Words related to crisis

an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty

a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something

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A crisis affects stakeholders and also shapes the perception of organizations in crisis and ultimately also affects potential interactions with these organizations.
However, managing a crisis does not always mean you have to spend, and it shouldn't be that costly for small and medium scale enterprises, as long as you have prepared yourselves for the eventuality of a crisis.
What is important is to practice good corporate governance, have policies and systems in place, as well as an updated crisis manual, which should be handy if the unimaginable happens.
Today we talk more and more the theme of crisis (economic, social, political, health, environmental .
The crisis puts the company in a very important tense situation.
But through listening to the market we found out that many organisations did not really have a clear idea of just how ready they are to manage a crisis," said Tony Ridley, Asia Pacific's well-known Crisis Management Expert and founding member of The Crisis Department.
The aftermath of a disaster or crisis usually leads to the exhaustion of institutions due to the amount of hard work that needs to be done, the high number of casualties and missing persons, as well as the presence of medical bodies and volunteers from local and global organisations on the field.
Crisis is defined as "a specific, unexpected, non-routine event or series of events that creates high levels of uncertainty and a significant or perceived threat to high priority goals" (Seeger, Sellnow & Ulmer, 2003, p.
Four propositions offer guidance for effective crisis planning.
Although the evidence base for attention to wellness in counseling is growing (Myers & Sweeney, 2008), many clients initiate counseling during times of crisis when they are focused on physical or emotional survival.
Based on these critical, sometimes life-threatening mistakes, I'll share the three key competencies for effective risk assessment and crisis leadership.
1) Hart maintains that the 2009 global financial crisis served to erode the negative image that most people hold about corporations, capitalism, and the profit motive.
One of the most important crisis lessons to be learned from the film comes from the character of NASA Mission Control Director Gene Krantz, played by actor Ed Harris, who succinctly summarizes the attitude one must have during a crisis.