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Synonyms for crippled

Synonyms for crippled

disabled in the feet or legs

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All crippled ducks, especially divers and sea ducks, will try to get away any way they can.
ALPS is intended to remove most radioactive materials from contaminated water and is expected to play a crucial role in the utility's fight against the toxic water continuing to accumulate at the crippled nuclear plant.
A group said to be aligned with attackers who had crippled US bank websites in the autumn, has threatened another round of attacks.
"Americans imagined that Iran's economy will be crippled through sanctions after a while, but this did not happen," Larijani said.
The one-day trip to Kawauchi, Fukushima Prefecture, is in line with the imperial couple's desire to provide encouragement to people in areas near the nuclear plant crippled by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, said local media.
He told NINA on Wednesday that "we live in the time of crippled country, a model they want to generalize on the Arab countries; a state that cannot defend itself."
/ 03 September 2010, SPA -- Saudi Arabia&'s national team for those with special needs for football clinched semi finals at the 5th World Final Games for the Crippled 2010, currently ongoing in South Africa after beating Hungary 4-0.
The shadow rural affairs minister also recalls how, 10 years ago, he fuel protests that crippled the Labour played a leading role in the fuel protests that crippled the Labour government for a few heady summer weeks.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: Two unidentified gunmen shot dead a crippled aged man inside his house in western Mosul city on Sunday, a local Iraqi police source in Ninewa province said.
When I spoke to her the next morning, she was crippled with pain - she couldn't even walk.
Hospital after hospital refused to accept a crippled girl, but eventually she was accepted for training by the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Rhyl.
The workers, whose three-week long strike has crippled half the Midland motor industry, voted on a return, to work tomorrow at a meeting at Bentley Labour Club.
An industry which could be 'crippled' by withdrawal of subsidy probably deserves to die on economic grounds alone.