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totally submissive

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USA], Nov 21 (ANI): Pop singer Pink has slammed everyone who said she was cringing at Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston tribute on Sunday's American Music Awards.
Even Mr Fabricant himself was left cringing as he tweeted during the show's airing.
Under Blair and Mandelson, cringing before the rich man's frown became official policy.
His cringing performance trying to sell an anti-dandruff shampoo was voted the biggest turkey in a poll.
Madonna reduced her daughter Lourdes Ciccone to red-faced, cringing shame when the 53-yearold took to the dancefloor and started busting some moves on Saturday night.
No other nation would permit such cringing homage to one person as its National Anthem.
And, as a native Oregonian, I say that without cringing in the least.
Without cringing, he confronts the reader with war as it sometimes can be.
Throughout the book I'm either cringing or smirking at its taut balance of lyrical disorder.