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Synonyms for cringe

Synonyms for cringe

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

an act of drawing back in an involuntary or instinctive fashion

Synonyms for cringe

draw back, as with fear or pain

show submission or fear

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. He cringes, snarls, I ain't no Yankee, I killed Yankees
SHADOW chancellor George Osborne yesterday admitted he cringes at the infamous Bullingdon Club picture featuring him, David Cameron and Boris Johnson.
CHAT-UP SHOW: Jenni cringes at Borat's lines, top, and, above, Hasselhoff comes on to her
SINGER Dannii Minogue cringes when she goes home to Australia -because she has a sun-starved British body.
RADIO star Nicky Campbell still cringes when he remembers how he introduced himself to his natural father, Joseph.
The Worst Week Of My Life contains more cringes per minute than anything else on TV,as husband and wife-to-be Howard (BenMiller) and Mel (SarahAlexander) are to be plagued by problems.