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Synonyms for cringe

Synonyms for cringe

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

an act of drawing back in an involuntary or instinctive fashion

Synonyms for cringe

draw back, as with fear or pain

show submission or fear

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If she makes you cringe you've no business kissing her like that."
"But if I look back when I know I've been bad, I cringe watching myself be stupid.
If that made you cringe too, soothe your nerves by watching the original video below:
Cultural cringe refers to an internalized inferiority complex which leads people to dismiss their own culture as inferior to other cultures (Phillips, 2006).
Almost 63 percent of those surveyed also said fathers were more cringe inducing than their mothers.
Some individuals, especially those with chronic health issues, almost cringe away from our touch, as we are merely "doing things"!
Because, he believes, Oregonians suffer from an inferiority complex, a "cultural cringe."
Most companies would cringe at taking on such large-scale projects under rigid time constraints, but not Harvard.
Phillips on The Cultural Cringe (January 2006) Over our writers--and other artists--looms the intimidating mass of Anglo-Saxon achievement.
Try e-mail, it's technology's gift to those of us who say things that make us cringe later.
I cringe in my seat because, even at 14, I cannot miss the parallels between my situation in a British colony and Caliban's.
Male and female readers will cringe during a scene in which Ron meets a young woman at a summer arts/writing camp and learns a difficult lesson about coming on too strong.
The fact is, many women still cringe at the thought of their menstrual cycle.
Some move with a hip-swinging confidence, while others cringe, careful not to step on one of the pool's many floor cracks.
What follows is one tale after another, where you have to laugh, cringe, blink, and remember to breathe.