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Synonyms for crimp

to make irregular folds in, especially by pressing or twisting

a line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another

Synonyms for crimp

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

someone who tricks or coerces men into service as sailors or soldiers

a lock of hair that has been artificially waved or curled

make ridges into by pinching together


curl tightly

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Shown schematically in Figure 1, key components of the electrical crimp consolidation implementation include Model G II Terminating Machine (press) [7] and applicator, a condenser bank, and a trigger circuit.
"There is not just something for everyone--there is a lot for everyone," Crimp says.
Crimp prefers the back room, but you must work your way through the front to get there.
Later chapters follow a similar path, with memorable accounts of the author visiting Agnes Martin in New Mexico--the painter's 'odd, gnomic' conversation is said to be both 'assertive and tentative at once'--and of Crimp's brief romance with Ellsworth Kelly.
At the heart of the bid Crimp ventures in this essay is a flourishing gay male sexual culture, built out of a profound respect for sex, a culture of various experiments in bodily pleasures.
Taper crimp is much more forgiving than roll crimp, but it is also more subtle, so this article will delve into the aspects of taper crimp.
The crimp of each 3D woven structure has been analysed with reference to their orientation.
The crimp barrels have a small inspection window which affords a view of the actual wire crimping, so you can see that it's being done correctly.
Crimp (left) was selected by an industry panel with one member, the GBGB's welfare and integrity services manager Duncan Gibson, saying: "We'd like to thank all those who took the time to write and submit a nomination; we received a record number.
29 -- Platinum Tools has launched the new Tele-Titan modular crimp tool (P/N 12507).
It's called a crimp fly because it is made out of the tiny 1mm and 2mm stainless steel tubed crimps that sea and pike anglers crimp on to wire traces with pliers.
Available in a range of sizes, from 11 to 20 mm, the optimal crimp features a variety of vial sizes.
This change in orientation of molecules will shorten the filaments on scraped side and therefore induce a crimp.
Capable of handling up to 35 trays per minute, a single lane IXIA Crimping system replaces the three or four people it normally takes to manually crimp aluminium packs at the same speeds.
And this season it's back, but this time the high fashion crimp is more about cool, random texture than a fancy dress comedy-look.