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a specialist in criminology

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The event has been convened by Dr Jason Roach, a criminologist at the university, who has worked closely with police forces on a range of projects and who has forged international links.
Criminologists at Birmingham City University have identified a cluster of nine 'red flag' warnings that could set early alarm bells ringing.
He added: "It would be very surprising if criminologists didn't speak to criminals.
These new perspectives are designed to contribute to a peaceful and just society while encouraging criminologists and sociologists to participate in advancing social change, political action, newsmaking, an enlightened discourse on crime and justice, and in "telling it like it could or should be" (Ibid.
Professor David Wilson, from Birmingham City University, topped a league of more than 70 colleagues to become nominated as the criminologist with the highest media profile.
Dr Tony Colombo, a criminologist at Coventry University, said: 'This is very interesting research.
A BIRMINGHAM City University criminologist is set to be a star this summer after filming an explosive TV series with former Home Secretary David Blunkett.
Criminologist Gisela Bichler-Robertson said it's not unrealistic to strive for a 20 percent reduction in homicides and violent crime, even in a city as large as Los Angeles.
They have been supported by a senior police officer, a leading criminologist and a Liverpool trial judge who have all criticised recent conflicting Government announcements.
On CNN, criminologist Mike Rustigan declared, "Obviously, here, we are seeing non-parenting parents.
Criminologist Martin Gill said house-breakers swap ideas in prison to "improve their technique".
POLICE only spend two-and-a-half hours out of every 650 on patrol, claims criminologist Dr Mike Rowe.
Lewis Yablonsky, a criminologist at California State University, Northridge, and expert defense witness, agreed.
The criminologist is from the same team of experts investigating the death of Jill Dando.
In a 1994 presentation to the Western Economics Association, State University of New York at Buffalo criminologist Lawrence Southwick compared public health firearm studies to popular articles produced by the gun lobby: "Generally the level of analysis done on each side is of a low quality.