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a specialist in criminology

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Criminologist Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez claims to have identified her as Bulgarian waitress Luisa Todorov, 58.
On Sunday, reports said, citing criminologist Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez, that the woman is a Bulgarian waitress named Luisa Todorov.
Also, the conclusion is hardly in sync with previous novels featuring the criminologist.
The criminologist at Birmingham City University wrote the book Mary Ann Cotton: Britain's First Female Serial Killer upon which the drama is based.
In this report, we do the latter, surveying economists and criminologists who have published peer-reviewed empirical research on their perceptions of the relationship between gun ownership, crime, and suicide.
Wilson's approach, it at least seemed to this viewer, had appeared to lull Spencer into a false sense of security, and, after the crafty criminologist dispensed with his Mr Chummy persona, the tension was cranked up to 11.
Barak (2007, 205) notes that it is possible for the newsmaking criminologist to work in solidarity with "social movements and other concerned citizens .
The event has been convened by Dr Jason Roach, a criminologist at the university, who has worked closely with police forces on a range of projects and who has forged international links.
Criminologist Michael Tonry's helpful "Remodeling American Sentencing: Ten-Step Blueprint for Moving Past Mass Incarceration" includes repeal of mandatory minimum sentences, narrowing or repealing life without parole, repeal of truth-in-sentencing laws, restoration of parole, and substantially lowering maximum sentences - all very important and necessary steps.
When Bloomberg and his law-and-order supporters claim the program is reducing crime, they're engaging in a rank speculation that should make any criminologist shake his head.
If you look at crime rates from year to year and you see a change, there's a fundamental ambiguity in whether that change is caused by a real change in crime, a change in reporting or some of both," says criminologist Robert Brame of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a coauthor of the new study.
Summary: Government plans to lock up fewer criminals will fail to cut costs or re-offending, according to a former Home Office criminologist.
Among its contributions is an intriguing account of early ventures into war crimes by criminologist Sheldon Glueck.
PAGE 5 Maddie claim MADELEINE McCANN was probably abducted after she left her holiday flat to look for her parents, a leading criminologist claimed last night.