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the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior and law enforcement

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The article concludes with a brief discussion of spaces where reformist and abolitionist criminologies can work together to confront structures of domination in the pursuit of social justice.
The author has organized the main body of his text in ten chapters covering representations, discourses, and data regarding youth crime, histories of youth and crime, positivist criminologies, radical and realist criminologies, youth victimology, youth cultures, cultural studies, and cultural criminology, youth and social policy, and a variety of other related subjects.
Rather than be defensive, he welcomed the vigour and critical theorizing of the new criminologies, and he spoke with admiration and enthusiasm about the work of the likes of Stanley Cohen, Ian Taylor, and Jock Young.
His debates with Lombroso, Durkheim, and the heirs of Quetelet come to seem intelligible once we understand his practical concern to forge a middle path between the determinism of the new criminologies and the voluntarism of traditional law.
Among leading criminologists the constitutive idea has now been accepted into the corpus of criminological knowledge as a significant theoretical contribution, and one of the few criminologies illustrative of the postmodernist perspective.