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legislation that makes something illegal

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With regard to the contribution that the classic division between right and morality can make to limiting criminalization, it cannot be determined by quantifying the individual intensity of feeling and the extent of social affect.
Its contributions to criminology lie primarily in the analysis of the way certain lawmaking strategies rather than others are constructed, and of how processes of criminalization and decriminalization can be mediated by those affected.
I do think, however, that the harms and bads associated with many other drugs are sufficiently weighty to justify their continued criminalization.
They also called for the criminalization of normalization with the occupation, Middle East Monitor reported.
New Delhi [India], September 20 ( ANI ): The Delhi High court will on Wednesday further resume hearing on Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking criminalization of marital rape.
The blog and the more detailed Report does not provide any cogent reason to substantiate the claim that "The call for the decriminalization of consensual adult sex work [emphasis added] is based on extensive evidence of the daily harm that criminalization causes.
She also describes who benefits from the criminalization of immigrants, such that employing, policing, and detaining undocumented immigrants creates wealth for small communities and large corporations alike.
Sarah Schulman stated, "HIV criminalization is denunciation-based: The state encourages people who are HIV negative to bring charges against HIV-positive sexual partners who they say have not disclosed their status.
1 as World AIDS Day, the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) are calling for the elimination of outdated HIV criminalization laws in a new position statement.
Numerous studies have demonstrated that criminalization does not reduce homelessness.
The work undertaken by the Youth Action Project on Poverty was led by two Aboriginal youth, Stephenie White and Brandon Gladeau, who have struggled with poverty, criminalization and discrimination.
In an editorial (paywalled) for The Times (UK), Blair and Moshe Kantor, the founder of the ECTR and president of the European Jewish Congress, outlined a plan to tackle "racism and discrimination in the name of religion" with "tough new laws," including the criminalization of Holocaust denial throughout Europe.
This question is increasingly important as more legalization conflicts are arising--sometimes even with the acquiescence of entities in charge of the competing criminalization regime.
Homeless advocates said they would attend Thursday's meeting to highlight that while police brutality may have played a role in the shooting, there were broader issues at play--namely gentrification, a lack of affordable housing and criminalization of the homeless.
The Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs has also written a letter to the OIC Secretary General recommending a legal action to seek an apology from the French magazine and joint action by the Ummah to get criminalization of all acts of Islamophobia.