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legislation that makes something illegal

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In the survey, 75 per cent said the Centre was " promoting criminalisation in politics as it rushed through the Ordinance to save the legislators without a political consensus.
Il n'y aura pas de criminalisation, bien sur", a assure Mustapha Ben Jfar, dont le parti de centre-gauche Ettakatol est allie aux islamistes d'Ennahda.
SIHA's Director, Hala Alkarib, said her organisation "condemns all forms of corporal punishment", especially those involving the criminalisation of personal behaviour.
From being a bit-part player in one of the panels, the English law defence lawyer was suddenly catapulted into having to lead a debate on alternatives in criminalisation given, if the consultation was adopted, the UK will have one of the most stringent enforcement regimes in the world.
The crime against humanity that is the systematic criminalisation and persecution of gay people in many African countries is surely a much more worthy cause for you to write about.
These dopes are after her because she supports the criminalisation of drugs.
A GROUP of 28 governments from the Asia-Pacific region has adopted advice on the criminalisation of bribery drafted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
Hence criminalisation has contributed to combating prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes.
He added: "As well as being extremely unhappy with how the ACMD operates, I am not prepared to continue to be part of a body which, as its main activity, works to facilitate the potential criminalisation of increasing numbers of young people.
The report of the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) and Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) Civil Society Consultative Meeting on the Criminalisation of the Wilful Transmission of HIV, Southern African Development Community (SADC) (Windhoek, June 2007).
2) See Christina Pantazis, "The Problem with Criminalisation," Criminal Justice Matters 74 (December 2008): 10-12.
The IPPR's James Crabtree said: "We should not be soft or tolerant, but the trend of criminalisation is not working.
In the short term, the enforcement agencies, through intelligence and in specific areas, need to search and disarm youths, while guarding against wholesale criminalisation of any particular community.
3) I have argued elsewhere, (4) that criminalisation is fair
Parliament must unite in criminalisation, both in the manufacturing and dealing of these dumplings of death.