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a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted


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"There are two processes available in law at present, namely, to apply for a Presidential pardon, which is a Presidential Constitutional power in terms of Section 842 (J) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa if a custodial sentence has been served, or they apply for an expungement of a criminal record in terms of Section 276 (i) of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1977 as amended, if a non-custodial sentence was imposed on the offender," he said.
The programme, a purpose built civil database is additionally to update criminal records, and ease the process of background checks.
He was presiding over a meeting regarding the criminal record management system at Central Police Office (CPO) on Tuesday.
IGP Arif directed his department to constitute a five-member committee to update the Criminal Record Management System.
He expressed that the Criminal Record Management System is an important project for monitoring criminals and controlling crime.
One security guard employed at a private bank in area of Yusuf Plaza police station named Orangzaib was found to have previous criminal record that was a case of possessing an illegal weapon, registered with Shah Faisal Police Station - district Korangi.
The DIG told that IT department of Sindh police offering many services for the verification and criminal record checking.
LEGALLY an employer may ask about a criminal record.
FIRMS are being urged to stop asking for criminal record details on job application forms because they give employers a "false sense of security".
However, despite his lengthy criminal record, police this morning denied that Hsieh was a known member of the gang, reported Apple Daily.
More people have and are acquiring a criminal record because of it, the impact of which goes far beyond any incarceration handed down by a court.
When you go to join a new job they normally ask for your criminal record, and if that record is positive you could lose the job.
President of the Lebanese Taxi Syndicate Charles Abou Harb confirmed that Lebanese regulations stipulate that taxi licenses only be awarded to those with a clean criminal record, issued within a month.
Protection from criminal record discrimination provides a remedy if a person is denied a benefit, such as employment or services, because he/she has a criminal record.
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