criminal prosecution

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the institution and conduct of legal proceedings against a defendant for criminal behavior

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If evidence were found in an employee's locker, a judge would not be likely to allow it to be admitted in a criminal prosecution of the employee.
At the national level, the per-capita cost of criminal prosecution services was $10.
T]he criminal prosecution system fails to seriously address corporate crime.
Failure to do either will increase the facility's potential for governmental sanctions, including criminal prosecution and decertification.
Leading attorneys address how incorporating proper procedures early on can reduce a company's risk of litigation or criminal prosecution.
The goal of the MOU is to increase the frequency and overall effectiveness of criminal prosecution of worker health and safety law violations.
We demand criminal prosecution of supporters of MP Akhmatbek Keldibekov, who blocked the Osh-Irkeshtam road," Temirbek Shabdanaliyev, Chairman of Association of Freight Carriers, told a press conference on June 3 in Bishkek.
The first stage of the criminal case, called the criminal prosecution, precedes the trial and it is situated between the beginning of the criminal prosecution and sending the defendant for trial by the Public Prosecutor's charge.
A decision will now be made whether there is enough evidence to bring a criminal prosecution two months after Hayley was struck by the Northumbria Police patrol car in Newcastle's West End.
Describing "this flamboyant use of the forces of criminal prosecution to threaten whistleblowers and intimidate journalists" as "nothing more than the naked tactics of street thugs and authoritarian juntas," Greenwald concludes: "That sounds like a lot of things.
STEEL giant Corus was last night facing criminal prosecution more than four years after a devastating blast killed three steelmen at a UK plant.
AMSTERDAM -- Researchers at the University of Amsterdam suggest that it is much less costly to society to supply heroin to those who are addicted than to deal with them through the current systems of treatment and criminal prosecution.
Bush leans hard enough on Mexico to soften its policy, nothing will change, particularly because fleeing the country to avoid criminal prosecution is already a federal crime.
Tax amnesty is a limited-time chance for individuals and businesses to pay past-due income, franchise, sales or use taxes and the related interest penalty-free--without the fear of criminal prosecution.
She said employers should take their legal obligations under Working Time Regulations as seriously as other health and safety legislation if they wanted to avoid criminal prosecution.