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The swoops often occur on Fridays and my imagination tells me that criminal lawyers must be keeping their phones fully charged and with at least four standby power banks every Friday night, awaiting a distress call to act for someone who has become a guest of the State.
Badr Abdullah Khamis, a criminal lawyer, said the parallel drawn by Bedi between the existing UAE Penal Code and Team Anna's legal advocacy in India is way off the mark.
Meanwhile, noted jurist and criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani said that the Indian government should intervene in the case.
Tahilyani, conducting the trial, yesterday appointed veteran criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi as the new lawyer to defend Qasab.
CONTROVERSIAL criminal lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano - whose clients have included Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic and John Gilligan - is now campaigning for a change in Irish law.
PLANS: Major in government with a minor in psychology at Georgetown University; interested in being a criminal lawyer.
Jewell, who said he didn't realize he needed a criminal lawyer until the day the indictment was announced, has hired Fran C.
Readers will follow Eric through the transition of everyday criminal lawyer through the endless twists and turns of an investigation into the seemingly vindictive intentions of a man who destroyed his past and marriage.
To explain how he arrived at his current position, Turow traces his own experiences with death penalty cases, first as a prosecutor, then as a criminal lawyer, and finally as a member of the Illinois Commission to examine the death penalty and make recommendations to improve the system.
To find a criminal lawyer, contact the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (; 202-872-8600), which can direct you to an affiliate association in your area.
This time, they were represented by Samuel Leibowitz, a New York criminal lawyer hired by the ILD.
According to criminal lawyer Tzion Amir, police use of cell phone signal records intensifies the worry about invasion of privacy.
"The evil of this law is that you're going to force doctors to start conducting their medical practice with a criminal lawyer in the background," says Roger Evans, the national Planned Parenthood attorney who is fighting the Wisconsin law.
Another day, Judge Beatty had Sturman hauled out of court in handcuffs, and only released her after a friend called on criminal lawyer Ron Kuby.
Cross-examination of witnesses is seen as an art among lawyers and has been described as "the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth." In his book, Lawyers, Jack Batten quotes criminal lawyer Ross McKay, considered an ace at cross-examination: "You learn plenty of techniques...Say, for example, a witness follows the Crown's questions and gives his testimony in a certain order, ABCDE.