crime wave

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a sudden rise in the crime rate

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The Civitas report, written by Peter Cuthbertson, founder of the Centre for Crime Prevention, says: "If Rory Stewart is wrong, the consequences for public safety could be enormous, with the Government unleashing a crime wave on hundreds of thousands of citizens.
Her defence solicitor Richard Williams said police had been "enthusiastic" in following up the other allegations, saying he felt they had her pegged as a "one woman crime wave", leaving the elderly lady facing the prospect of a criminal trial.
We can now all sleep soundly in our beds knowing that the top police officers, who we all pay for, have this crime wave in Birmingham under control, as they put on their factor 20 sunblock enjoying the Brisbane heatwave on "fact-finding trips", wasting our ratepayers cash while we all suffer the shocking weather here, potholes everywhere like a Land Rover test track and litter and rubbish strewn everywhere.
New York rode a crime wave in the 1970s and 1980s, but has since been transformed into one of the 10 safest cities in the world largely due to its 'legal, intelligent and systematic' approach to crime, Rosales said.
However, the statistical evidence of the incidence of crime, including assault and violence, did not always justify the claims that the Gold Coast was experiencing a crime wave, or that it was deserving of the label of 'crime capital of Australia' (GCB, 23 July 2011: 4; 8 August 2011: 25; 1 December 2011: 7).
The impressive array of weaponry include 3000 sub-machine guns, alongwith 3.6 million bullets and MP5's with 1.2 million bullets have been provided to the Provincial government to combat crime wave and miscreants.
A cast of unlikely and odd characters evolves as Jo keeps the streets of San Francisco safe from bad guys and faces a crime wave that challenges her just as she's learning her new superhero skills.
Summary: The mayor of the Metn town of Baskinta Wednesday urged the authorities to step in following a crime wave.
Koch's finest moments focus on his rise to power in the late '70s, when the city was engulfed in financial disarray and a crime wave. Koch is depicted as the consummate political shark, siphoning off key constituencies during a gang-tightlike mayoral race in 1977.
The police chief also hopes United boss Sir Alex Ferguson will keep 24-year-old Hernandez, who is nicknamed Chicharito, off the bench as the capital is currently facing a crime wave.
Belfast Crown Court heard Tate embarked on his crime wave in January 2010 just six days after serving a sevenyear sentence.
I READ with interest in the Daily Post of a low-tech solution to the rural crime wave.
Summary: AFTER being inundated with so much media coverage about criminal offenses being committed in our country, you may wonder who is behind this crime wave.
WINDEMERE, England The rolling hills of the English Lake District, home to the stories of Peter Rabbit and endless acres of misty farms, seem the last place on Earth for a crime wave,.