crime syndicate

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a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities

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The court added that the control of a crime syndicate over members of affiliated organizations is indirect and limited.
Police identified the victim as Naohiro Yamada, 56, leader of the Kotake-gumi, an affiliate of the large crime syndicate the Sumiyoshi-kai.
In a ruling in September 2002, the district court ordered the leader of the affiliated gang and the two members to pay 80 million yen in damages, arguing that a crime syndicate's control over members of affiliated groups is indirect and limited.
Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori attended a wedding reception in 1996 held for the son of a former head of a crime syndicate, according to the latest issue of the Shukan Bunshun weekly.
The Tokyo District Court on Wednesday sentenced Susumu Kajiyama, a crime syndicate member dubbed the ''loan shark king,'' to seven years in prison on charges of laundering money.
In one case, a yakuza group affiliated with Japan's largest crime syndicate, the Yamaguchi-gumi, bought discount debentures with money earned through illegal money-lending, sold the debentures, and deposit the proceeds, about 9.4 billion yen, in a Swiss bank, the report said.
New York, Sept 4 ( ANI ): DC Comics has launched 'Villains Month', which would coincide wit their release of 'Forever Evil #1', a mini-series from about the disappearance of Earth's major heroes and the arrival of 'Crime Syndicate of America.
A Caloocan City police operation early Friday morning ended with the death of an officer and two alleged members of a crime syndicate engaged in illegal drugs, gun-running and contract killing.
29 Kyodo Police in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan have linked two Vietnamese arrested in connection with a May robbery to a crime syndicate allegedly based in Vietnam, police sources said Tuesday.
The weekly also reported in May that Mori made a speech at a 1995 wedding reception that was attended by the head of the Inagawa-Kai group, a major crime syndicate.
This gives the police their best chance to put Christian behind bars and break his crime syndicate.
Jozef Raca, 68, a former Mayor of Northampton, had been held by a crime syndicate who phoned his wife to demand a pounds 20,000 ransom.
Four British men have been arrested in Australia and New Zealand following an operation targeting a UK organised crime syndicate.
The movie is about a father and daughter police team taking on a crime syndicate. (Twitter)
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